Every great structure . . .

Parent volunteers at Pledge Day
...begins with a solid foundation. Our award-winning schools are no different. The Hillsborough Schools Foundation (HSF) helps to ensure your child has access to a world-class education in an inspiring and nurturing environment.

HSF was one of the first nonprofit public school foundations in the country, a leader in the movement to secure private funding for public schools. Since 1980, the parents and neighbors of Hillsborough have supported HSF, creating one of the most successful public school foundations in the nation, supporting all areas of our schools' curriculum. Since 1980, HSF has allocated over $66 million dollars to the Hillsborough City School District to help close the gap between shrinking government funding and the high quality education that we in Hillsborough have come to expect for our children.

Last year, we donated $3.4 million, providing critical funding for the educational excellence in our public schools. Together, we have pioneered a new approach to public education by making our children and their futures a key priority in our community.

While our community is donating dollars for our schools through the Annual Giving Campaign, we are also participating in HSF Events, which raise substantial revenue through exciting community activities and events. Each fall, HSF Events sponsors the Hillsborough Classic, followed in the winter by the Dinner Dance and Auction. We close our school year with Family Fun Run, a great community-building affair. Our school year is packed with wonderful events and fundraising, and HSF appreciates the enormous commitment of our families to support excellence in our Hillsborough schools.

Your donations, attendance at events, and volunteering make it possible to continue Hillsborough's tradition of excellence in education. Thank you for your generous support through the years!

Hallmarks of Education

Posted August 21, 2020  •  Full article

Hallmarks of Education