Matching Gifts Steps…

Many companies have a matching gift program (i.e., a company matches all or part of a donation made by an employee to an eligible nonprofit organization). Any portion of your donation to HSF may be paid by the company/companies for whom you work.

Learn about and request a corporate match!

Check if the company for which you work will match all or part of your donation, and learn how to request a matching gift.

Here are the steps to obtain a matching gift:

  1. Make a donation (i.e., payment) to HSF.
  2. Next, you need to contact your Human Resources Department (see the link above) to obtain and complete their Matching Gifts form.
  3. Either the Human Resources Department or you must do one of the following (companies do this differently, so ask your Human Resources Department how to get the form to HSF):
    • email the completed form to HSF Executive Director, Cynthia Foster (
    • mail a completed form to the HSF office (300 El Cerrito Avenue, Hillsborough, CA 94010).
    • bring the completed form to the HSF office.
  4. HSF completes the form (confirming the family has actually made a donation), and returns the form to the company.

You should be aware of the following...

  • If you make a pledge and plan on participating a matching gift program, please be sure to indicate the company name on the pledge form. Also on the pledge form, please specify the amount you will personally donate (do not include the amount that the company will donate). You will do the steps above when you make a donation or payment, not a pledge.
  • Some companies will email confirmations to HSF upon receiving the forms; however, it can take months for HSF to actually receive the matching funds, as most are processed on a quarterly basis.
  • Some employees receive different matching percentages based on their job level within the company.
  • Not all companies match public elementary schools or Foundations.
  • Families will be acknowledged in the Annual Report for the total amount received on their behalf; however, their tax receipts are based on their actual personal donations.